Telugu Cultural Association of Edmonton


తెలుగు సాంస్కృతిక సంఘం

History of the Association


Early Telugu pioneers in Edmonton came up with an idea to start an organization named Andhra Cultural Association, and it was formally established on January 13, 1969. Our Association is one of the oldest Telugu Associations in North America. The Association caters to cultural and social needs of the Telugu people living in and around Edmonton Area.

It was registered as Andhra Cultural Association (ACA), as a non-profit organization, and the initial Executive Committee consisted of President, Treasurer, Social Secretary, Literary Secretary and Library Secretary.

In order to bring all Telugu speaking people under one hood, Association was renamed as 'Telugu Cultural Association of Edmonton' in the year 2016.


Association's Objectives:

  • To promote social and cultural activities among the Telugu speaking people in Edmonton and vicinity.
  • To provide a forum for Telugu cultural activities like Music, Drama, Literary activities, and teaching Telugu Language.
  • To promote and undertake publications are pertaining to the social and cultural aspects of the Telugu speaking people.
  • To serve as an organised group to help new Telugu speaking people in their adjustment to new surroundings.
  • To participate in ethnic activities in Edmonton along with similar associations.
  • To establish liaison with other associations of Telugu speaking people.
  • To undertake such activities consistent with above objectives within the laws of Canada.


Executive Committee 2023-2024:

Secretary: Venkata Prabhuji Kodali

Joint Secretary/ Treasurer: Ranganath Kaza

Social Activites Representative: Manas Kanteti

Literary/Cultural Representative: Murali Yachamaneni

Library Representative: Mallikarjun Reddy Nandyala  

Youth Representatives: ---